2014 ‘Friend’ Riesling

RieslingA supremely refreshing, deliciously complex white, BOE’s ‘Friend’ Riesling has brought many people back to an off-dry style of Riesling. Residual sugars add wonderful richness perfectly balanced by crisp fruit and a mineral driven finish. An abundance of Macintosh and Golden Delicious apples are surrounded by Asian pear, white peach, nectarine, jasmine, and a hint of petrol, with a crisp, clean finish of citrus, slate and honey.


100% Riesling


Finger Lakes



To develop a complex and regionally expressive Riesling, we sourced grapes from two vineyards, one situated on the Cayuga Lake, the other on Keuka Lake. Each vineyard lot was fermented separately at cold temperatures in stainless steel. Fermentation was stopped early to use the natural grape sugars to create an off-dry style. As a result, the wine also has a lower alcohol level. We then blended the two lots to achieve the desired balance of acidity and sweetness. Vegan.

Pairing Notes

A classic pairing for Asian cuisine and spicy foods, the crisp, almost cider-like sweetness is a perfect match for BBQ and brunch fare. This style can also easily handle a dessert course, especially tarts and fruit based desserts.

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LabelBOE 2013 Friend Riesling

Artist Jen Furguson, ‘Friends.” ©2010 artinchaos.com

The BOE ‘Friend’ Riesling Project for Pet Food Safety:

Every year thousands of pets are affected by poorly made food. They are our companions and family members, sentient beings that require and deserve quality sustenance as much as humans. But there are very few regulations that govern pet food quality. In honor of my own friend, a portion of the sales of every bottle of Brooklyn Oenology ‘Friend’ Riesling will be donated to causes that support making food safe for all our friends.”

– Alie Shaper, Winemaker

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